E3: Bethesda Press Conference 2016

Annual E3 gaming conference are well renown for the vast variety of different games unveiled each yeah by big name games developers. One popular games developer who have made a name for developing  and unveiling a variety of different genre games at each conference is Bethesda and this year is no different.

Quake Champions

quake championsThe upcoming first person shooter, the second in the Quake multiplayer series, pushes the boundaries in both graphics and game-play. Quake Champions aims to challenge players at a whole new level of competitive arena style play  and features a large quantity of playable characters each with their own set of unique skills and special abilities. The game is also available in single player of PC gamers of all levels with game-play also  expanding to competitive tournaments in e-sports. To celebrate the new game entering into the league of e-sports Bethesda will be host a Quake Con in August.
Release Date– August, 2016

Fallout 4 Mods

Fallout_4As well as a host of new games Bethesda also unveiled a variety of updates and modifications for popular releases. The latest Fallout 4  downloadable content will bring with it a creation kit allowing players to download and upload all new modifications.  The update will also provide new gear quests, vault tech workshops giving Fallout fans the chance to create huge vaults attracting new dwellers as well as all new tools. New modifications also makes way for new contraptions in the game as well as gadgets aimed to help improve players settlements. While Nuka World  will include quests, raiders and weapons in a vast amusement park that has been taken over by lawless raiders. Fallout 4 fans will also be able to look forward to a virtual reality version of the game on  the Xbox one Scorpio console later next year.
Release Date- July, 2016

Elder Scrolls Online

elder scrolls

Another big name game Bethesda announced an update for was Elder Scrolls Online. One Tamriel lets players of the game explore the world without restrictions in the forms of levels, quests or alliances when travelling the various game locations- All players have to do is complete the tutorial. This new mode of Elder Scrolls game-play more immersive giving the player a lot more freedom in both single player and multiplayer modes of play. Fans of the fantasy world game can also look forward to another new DLC Dark Brotherhood which brings with it an entirely new story mode, content and gamplay mechanics  as well as an overall change in the feel of game-play exclusively for Elder Scrolls multiplayer online. While the new DLC’s are already available for PC gamers, it will soon be made available for Elder Scrolls on Ps4 and Xbox one.
Release  Date– June 23, 2016

Doom Expansion


Doom Expansion ‘Into The Evil’ provides players with three all new multiplayer maps as well as a controlled demon, new weapons, equipment and customization and hack modules.  The Expansion also includes snap map mode encapsulating the power of creation in every player which brings with it a whole host of free regular updates, props, weapons and items. These all exclusive modes allow Doom fans to experience an endless stream of immersive new game-play with enhanced ways to find exciting content such as multi-zone mode Sector 3-an updated mode free for all ability players that includes  classic death match an all exclusive and  more challenging style of game-play. 
Release Date– July 1, 2016



Upcoming first person immersion shooter game Prey -a re-imaging of the original 2006 release- sees gamers assume the role of a human taking part in trials on board a space station overrun with hostile aliens. This new version of the game allows PC, Xbox One and PS 4 players to select characters attributes including gender as well as controlling all decisions made by the player using the tools available on the station in the ultimate race of survival. Over time fans will be able to developer characters powers and experience an new element of game-play where everyday items around the station can be mimicked and controlled. In another exclusive feature truly pushing the boundaries in first person gaming, fans  will now be able to experience life on the outside of the space station and move around in micro-gravity and immerse themselves in the wonderful experience of life in space.
Release Date– 2017

Dishonored 2


Dishonored 2 is the forthcoming action stealth game collaboration courtesy of Arkane Studios and Bethesda and serves a sequel for the previous popular 2012 Dishonored game. This second installment takes fans to a fictional empire in the Southern Isles where can select to experience the game through one of two main protagonists. Players can also modify characters stealth as the game progresses and engage in various non-lethal combat moves. Much like the first game, Dishonored 2 welcomes back the chaos system were gamers have access to supernatural powers and can also reject outsider powers they do not wish to use. Unlike the previous installment, each level has a unique theme in either fiction or mechanic mode and is randomly generated to make game-play in dishonored 2 more immersive and exciting but more challenging than ever before!





















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