E3: EA Press Conference 2016

For gamers the start of summer each year means one important thing… new games. Yes it’s that time again! Time for all gaming enthusiasts, creators and reviewers to gather in anticipation for one of the biggest gaming conventions – E3.  With tonnes of new games announced by big names such as EA, Bethesda, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Sony as well as two brand new consoles and some big game franchises being adapted into films, this years event appeared to be bigger and better than ever. 

Over the course of the day I will be bringing reports on what the various game creators had to offer, starting with EA.

TitanFall 2


The first new game unveiled was Titanfall 2- a first person shooter gaming experience which builds on the signature plot of the first game. Titanfall 2 also brought with it six new titans  each with unique fighting abilities as well as the option to experience  game play through a pilot with  combat features such as invisibility cloaking, parkouring  and wall running.  A second striking new feature of the game was the  new  and improved game-play mechanics this sequel has to offer along with a new progression system, more weapons and customization options. Single player mode offers an all new story campaign  in which players must call upon his multi skills to achieve their objectives.
Release Date– October 28th, 2016

Madden NFL 17

madden nfl

Courtesy of EA Sports  this American Football inspired video game  gives players the chance to experience all the thrills of the American sport through the eyes of the team with new and improved ground game features allowing gamers to experience a whole new balanced mode of play. The game also features  a completely redesigned franchise mode and new ball carrier prompts to help sharpen up moves and navigate clearly down the field. Madden NFL 17 also brings with it upgraded defensive modes giving you the ultimate American Football experience as well as the return of the much loved Ultimate Team and  three competition modes including; Challenger, Premier events and Ea Major Global. 
Release Date– August 23, 2016

Mass Effect: Andromeda

mass effect andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action third person shooter game and although it shares the same universe as previous games in the Mass Effect Trilogy, it is the first in the series to  feature an open world environment. The game is not a continuation of the original trilogy but instead an entirely new creation based long after the events of the other Mass Effect games, in the galaxy of Andromeda, allowing players to navigate and explore new planets as a pathfinder in a bid to find a suitable  place for the  human race to colonize on. Fans of space themed shooter games will really enjoy this game which also allows players to experience an adventure filled co-operative multiplayer game-play. 
Release Date– Early 2017



This  latest addition to the annual Football game series FIFA will be the first of its kind to use the frostbite game engine- a new feature which sees a development in audio and visual effects-while the following the same format as all other FIFA games. New features include all new attacking techniques as well as the inclusion of all 20 premier league managers  in the game. FIFA 17 also features an all new single player story campaign in which players assume the role of a budding football player hoping to make his mark in the premier league. Gamers can pick to join anyone of the 20 teams at the start of a season in which to forge a premier league journey.
Release Date- September 29, 2016

Star Wars


Respawn are  working on a third person adventure Star Wars game which will take place in a different Star Wars era. Although no date for this date was announced it was states that the game wouldn’t be released until further down the line perhaps even after other Star Wars games are released. they are also working together with Visceral Games  on a new Star Wars games which is said to incorporate an original narrative in line with all other Star Wars game franchise but with all new characters. While EA revealed very little information in regards to the game itself it was heavily suggested that the game may be based  before The Force Awakens
Release Date– 2018

Battlefield 1


Battlefield 1  is the upcoming first person shooter game developed by EA and Dice. The game is the first world war one style video game released by EA and is inspired by historical events allowing players to make use of world war one style weaponry including; bolt action rifles, flamethrowers and mustard gas to combat opponents. Working on the game Dice introduced  destructible environments as well as a campaign mode featuring open world environments for ultimate authenticity and more dynamic game-play. While multiplayer mode unlocks maps from locations around the world. Additionally, multiplayer now includes a new squad system that also allows players to join and leave campaigns as a group, adding a whole new level of difficulty to the game-play experience.
Release Date– October 21, 2016










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