E3:Ubisoft press conference 2015

Gaming conference E3 2015 took place overnight in Los Angeles and saw some of the biggest names in gaming come together to celebrate new releases and highly anticipated games over the next two years. While admittedly I am not a massive gaming fan and the last time I picked up a game was when I attempted to play GTA a month ago and it ended badly, however I was quite intrigued by E3  this year and decided to have a watch.

 Among the companies who presented at this years conference were developers EA, Microsoft(Xbox),Nintendo, Bethesda, Sony(PlayStation) as well as Ubisoft. I was fortunate enough to catch the Ubisoft press conference last night on You tube and was quite impressed with some of the game trailers they had to offer. For those that love gaming but didn’t catch the conference here is what Ubisoft have to offer in the next few years.

 1. South Park the Fractured but hole                             

This game is a continuation from the stick of truth where players continue their adventure as the new kid in a game of relics and superhero’s. It is the second collaboration between Ubisoft  and the makers of South Park and is definitely for fans of the TV show. The trailer for the fractured but hole received an extremely positive reaction at the conference with a few laughs at the typical crude humour that comes with south park and is embedded throughout the rather insane trailer that could easily be excused for an episode of the show itself.

2. For Honor

This new IP from Ubisoft is hotly anticipated and championed by CEO Jason Vanneburg as “the real experience of the adrenalin of combat and battle”. fans of medieval inspired content such as tv show Game of Thrones will really enjoy this game that puts you at the heart of a bloodthirsty battle between a band of knights with medieval inspired graphics for full effect. The trailer also received good reaction on first debut last night and excited gamers were also given first look in a live multiplayer demo of a game not for the faint         hearted

3. Tom Clancy’s The Division

One game that received the biggest reaction was the hotly anticipated The Division- marketed as Ubisoft’s most anticipated video game to date, the venture features a newly piloted quarantined Dark Zone in which “anything can happen at any time”. The game is certainally one to buy for those who are fans of post apocalyptic/zombie genres and is an online open world game with different maps and terrains where you can choose to wok alongside people of turn against them just like that. Their decision to release this game on multi platform is even better news for gamers who don’t have the new gen consoles meaning they wont miss out.

4.Just Dance 2016

In a brief move away from shooting based games, Ubisoft announced the release of just dance 2016 for October this year on all motion platforms- the latest addition to the popular franchise. This year Ubisoft announced that they have modified the game to allow mobile phones and handsets to be used as controllers for those who don’t have motion consoles and also announced an unlimited streaming service for Xbox one, Ps4 and Wii U users which had been highly demanded by fans of the game. The new addition to the franchise includes tracks by big artists including David Guetta, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and Jason Derulo who was invited by game designer Jason Altman to perform at the conference in celebration of the games release.

5.Rainbow Six siege

During the conference Ubisoft also announced a second addition to the to Tom Clancy series in the form of counter terrorism game Rainbow six. This is the second of three highly anticipated games to be announced by the company and includes a close quarters combat mode creating the ultimate gaming experience. And if that isn’t enough, the cinematic trailer for the game starring actress Angela Bassett is certainly not to be desired showing the action packed game in all its glory. For gaming fans wanting more the company announced the return of the terror hunt mode  and terror hunt classic mode which is playable both solo and online.

6. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

The final game Ubisoft announced was the also anticipated release of the lastest assassins creed game Syndicate. While some people would think the name is a tad bit naff (me included) the trailer on the other hand is anything but. Set in 1868 London at the time of the industrial revolution you’d be forgiven for mistaking the trailer as a modern day adaptation of hit musical Oliver Twist! However, the cinematics used give every impression of rogue London at the time and with a slight modern feel. As a none gamer who has never really taken to games such as assassins creed before strangely enough I actually like the look of this new game and like the crooks and beggars feel behind it as it takes the game in a seemingly new and interesting direction.


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