Years & Years: Worship

Worship is the fourth single from British electro pop band Years & Years  and is tipped to be the follow on single from Shine released last month.  The single Is one of five songs taken from the bands debut album The communion which is hotly anticipated for release on July 10th a few month before the band play two major UK festivals.

 The song promotes a similar vibe to that of their debut single Take Shelter in a sense that you can hear the indie- electro pop sound more that what you can do in singles desire, king and shine which seem to focus more on the electronica sound of the band.

years and years worship

Personally, I think the song also promotes a similar vibe to that of the single M.O.N.E.Y by the 1975 especially at the very start of the song with the way the song leads into the initial first verse and at the bridge in the middle of the track.

However, much like their previous singles the lyrics aren’t overly complicated making it extremely catchy and blend with the electro pop melody well. Although I previously eluded to the fact that it sounds a lot like their debut single I personally think this track is better in many ways as it fits with the sound the band are trying to portray on the album making take shelter sound more like an experimental first track rather than an insight into what the band are actually about.

Admittedly for me this song is a bit of grower which is somewhat disappointing as with the previous singles King and Shine I liked from the first time I heard them airplay on radio. However, that’s not to say that I don’t like this song and that I like the melody behind it also.

I also think that vocalist Olly Alexander’s voice blends well with the highs and lows of the beat behind the track which adds to the modern electro-pop vibe they are trying to portray with this song.


This being the fifth song I have heard from the up-coming album I can personally say I am liking the sound of this band which is unusual as I have never really been into this genre before now so it is safe to say this band have opened my ears to a new type of music for me.

It is safe to say I am looking forward to the release of the full album and the tour in October and I cant wait to see what the band have next in store, the only issue with this genre is that the songs can become repetitive in sound which I hope the album isn’t. Nevertheless I am looking forward to hearing the final result on july 10th !

Years & Years -Worship


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