Sia: Fire Meet Gasoline

A new week sees the release of another new track by Australian powerhouse Sia. The latest offering Fire Meet Gasoline comes straight from the album 1000 forms of fear and today she released the official video accompanying the song.

Unlike the previous three music videos in which she has used the talented contemporary dancer Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms fame to seemingly tell the hidden tale behind her music often presumed to be about past experiences. This new one sees Sia take a completely different direction and stars German model Heidi Klum and Pedro Pascal famed for playing Oberyn Martell in series 4 of Game of Thrones.

The two  play the roles of a man and women embarking on what is depicted to be an extremely steamy love affair involving meeting secretly in grassy meadows and kissing under bedsheets in a dilapidated house before murdering someone with a rock and setting fire to a house (yes that does happen).

This latest artistic number seemingly offers a literal metaphor to the behind the song in which despite enjoying their illicit meet ups the couple ultimately bring out the worst in each other however they cant  stop as the temptation is overwhelming- much like Heathcliff and Cathy in Emily Brontes novel Wuthering heights. You could say they represent fire and gasoline!

sia music vid

But what of the song? well much like previous hits chandelier, elastic heart and big girls cry the song is packed with the usual power and emotion that makes Sia’s songs so beautiful to listen to and ultimately what makes them do so well. The lyrics are also powerful and metaphorically poetic to listen to and blend so well with the story behind the dramatic new video.

What I like about Sia as an artist is the fact that she is constantly churning out new songs and new videos every few weeks, this keeps her sounding new and fresh and avoids her old songs becoming tired and overplayed. Fire Meets Gasoline is her second song this month skilfully released exactly a week after her previous hit single big girls cry.

While I enjoyed watching her previous videos and enjoyed the clever choreography by Maddie It is refreshing to see her take a new approach to this video that fits so well with the song.

Although Sia already has a massive back catalogue including collabs with big named artists as well as an impressive collection of her own songs  what makes her so brilliant is how different to all other artists out their in the industry.  Im sure she will continue to produce amazing tracks and cant wait to see what she has in store for us next.


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