Sia: Big Girls Cry

Big Girls Cry is the latest amazing offering  by mysterious Australian singer-songwriter Sia and appears to be the third in series of powerful heartfelt tracks also consisting of Chandelier and the controversial Elastic Heart.

While the song and its accompanying video may not be as controversial as the video featuring Shia la Beouf for Elastic Heart or as ‘creepy’ as Chandelier it certainly continues the heartfelt raw emotion and the power that comes with Sia’s amazing vocal ability.

Like the previous video, the latest artistic piece featured the amazing talent of young Maddie Ziegler of dance moms fame. However, unlike the previous videos this appears very minimalistic and stripped back with very little in the way of theatrical performance. Featuring a very simple black screen the video focuses on Maddie’s contemporary dance moves as she appears to pull and tug at her face in a bid to tell a ambiguous narrative.

sia blog 1

What is particularly striking about a lot of Sia’s work is that her lyrics, music and videos fit together in such perfect harmony that not only bring out the true emotion within the lyrics but tell a story and that stands out from what a lot of other artists are doing in todays music scene.

One of the aspects that stands out a lot about Sia’s videos is that she gets people thinking and interpreting the stories in very different ways, which is something that very few artists can achieve successfully or to the same degree of emotion as her.

While some people may find this song a little ‘dull’ or ‘slow’ I particularly like the fact that this song is the more paired back of the three as it not only complements the three well but rounds off the story she may be trying to tell.

For me this song can be interpreted in a number of different ways, one of the ways I think this song and video could be interpreted is that it is tackling the issues of the female body images and the pressures women are under to look a certain way.

The video supports this as the girl is contorting her face perhaps pointing out the areas that she doesn’t like or doesn’t feel are perfect, it also supports this it appears to shows that her insecurities are driving her insane and that she feels under pressure to change in order to be perfect.

Another way this song and video could be interpreted  is that it could be paired with Chandelier and Elastic heart to tell a story about a past experience or past struggles she may have encountered while growing up, the songs could represent how she felt at certain times in her life, Chandelier could be interpreted as portraying her upbringing as a troubled teenager whereas elastic heart could be interpreted as showing a troubled relationship with a family member of loved one and this the final of the three could be interpreted as conveying some sort of heartbreak/bullying or loss of a loved one.

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The beauty of it is that different people will interpret Sia’s work in very different ways and it will never fail to get people talking or tug at peoples emotions and quite frankly that is the work of a true artistic genius!

Sia-Big Girls Cry


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