Fall Out Boy: American Beauty/American Psycho

Two years on from Save the rock and roll and Fall out boy are back with some music. Earlier this year they hit us with an entirely new album and what some fans may claim to be a new sound. While admittedly I am not a die hard FOB fan, but  having listened to their new offering on multiple occasions I can certainly see where they are coming from. This latest album American Beauty/ American psycho appears to be a world away from the pop punk years of Dance Dance  and Sugar we’re going down back in 2005 and veering more towards the world of rock.

Although the band don’t seem to have binned off their roots completely with the title track American Beauty/ American psycho giving us the glimpse of what the and have become renown for over the course of their career. However, when comparing this song to the rest of their new catalogue it almost appears out of place to the likes of centuries and immortals in their quest to experiment with a new sound.

And while I very much enjoyed listening to their old sound back in the day in my teenager years it is refreshing to hear such an iconic band try something new and like caustic love made me love Paolo, this album could very well change my mind about FOB too. Despite the title track being a little to be desired the rest of the album is promising, like every good rock album it has the one anthemic track everyone would sing at a gig. With this album it could be a toss between two, the catchy little track Centuries or the title track from Big Hero 6 , Immortals ( no I have not seen that film!)


In Addition, it also possess what just about every album in every genre seems to possess these days , that  more mellow songs in the form of The Kid’s aren’t alright  and Favourite Records which for me are probably some of the best songs on this new offering. While tunes such as Novocaine aimed to channel the sound of the previous success.

In hindsight upon listening to specific tracks from the album it may be easy to see that they are experimenting with a new sound which is refreshing to hear a band evolve over time. But when listening to the album together there is a euphoric mix of old and new, which not all bands can pull off successfully.

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So while Patrick stump have changed his appearance in the past 10 years, ( and about time too!) and may not feature in videos with monkeys anymore,  the band have  not  changed their sound one bit from the dance dance days.

After all rock ain’t a scene, its a god damn arms race ! (Had to)


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